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Virtual Assistant Services


Personal Services

  • Document Production

  • Resume Writing

  • Birth/Death Certificates

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Police Clearance Certificate


Business Services

  • Trade and Business License

  • Social Media Management

  • Email Management

  • Document Production

  • Data Entry

  • Formatting & Proofreading

  • Audiotyping/Transcription


Immigration Services

  • Visa Application

  • Passport Application

  • Work Permit Application

  • ESTA (UK Passports)

  • Waiver Application (Cayman Passport)


Notary Public Services

We provide notarial services for certifying the signature of an individual who executes a document in front of us, notarising a copy of a document as a true copy where the original document has been presented and certifying and witnessing documents such as affidavits, certificates and passport applications.


​Services required outside of regular working hours is possible, subject to availability, for an additional fee.

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